Scientific Proven Health Benefits by Drinking Enough Water

Our bodies consist of more than 60% of water and it’s recommended to have 8 glasses of water per day, to keep our body hydrated.

Below are the proven health benefits of drinking enough water.

Water improves our physical performance. Staying hydrated will keep you perform at your best performance.

It is important for us to keep hydrated especially during intense exercise or high heat.

If our body do not have sufficient water, our physical performance will suffer.

When you are under dehydration, even just a litter can lead to altered body temperature, reduced motivation, increase fatigue, and even making daily work much difficult in both physically and mentally.

As a person keep hydrated it will prevent this and will even reduce stress that occurs as you push your limit through exercise.

Staying hydrated also affect your mental strength.

Your brain need to have sufficient water to function accordingly.

When you are having even a mild dehydration, it’s proven to affect your mood and concentration, with consistency of having headaches later on especially after exercise.

In studies of some youth, loss of fluid many times cause reduces memory and increased feeling of emotions such as fatigue and anxiety.

Having unnecessary headaches due to dehydration.

Some individuals have tendency of having migraines when dehydrated.

And vice versa, water can also relieve headaches is some studies when people and dehydrated.

Relieve Constipation

Research show that both young and elderly have risk of constipation when having low water consumption.

Increasing water intake is necessary as there a evidence and often recommended to help relieve constipation, as one person infrequent bowel movements.

Treatment in reduce risk on kidney stones.

When the body have insufficient water to remove its wastes content, clumps of mineral may form in the urinary system. There may be some will also form in the kidneys, which become Kidney stones after sometime.

There are some research that show that higher fluid intake will helps to dilutes these unwanted minerals, thus help preventing them to crystallize and form clumps.

Reduce Hangovers

Do you had an unpleasant symptom as you had some drinking the night before?

Drinking alcohol make you lose more water in your body as you take in as its have a diuretic characteristic.

As your body is dehydrated from losing too much water, it can cause thirst, fatigue, and headache thus becoming hangover the next day.

To reduce the effect of hangover, drinking water between drinks, having some alkaline drinks may help to reduce the effect and making you feels better then not having any.

Weight Loss

Many do not know but drinking water can increase satiety and boost your metabolic rate to increase the rate at which your body burns calories.

Studies show that drinking even just 500ml of water show to increase in metabolism by 25% for up to 1 and half hours.

Its recommended half an hour before meals is the most effective timing to consume water as it will also make you feel full, that you may eat lesser.

Andrew Chan

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