Why Watero water filter?

Zero Installation
No drilling, no piping, no technical skills required – just turn on and use!

Water Quality Monitor
Active monitoring of water quality and safety flowing in and out of the machine – always be sure of what you are drinking

Child Safety Lock
Keep your children safe from accidental hot water dispensing with just a simple button press

Mummy Button
Preset optimal temperature and volume for making the perfect milk in a bottle for your baby at just a simple button press

Instant Hot Water
No boiling required – choose your temperature and make your drink!

Compact Design
Anywhere, anytime – place Watero wherever you want it to be, whenever you need it to be

Certified Halal
Watero is certified Halal by Shandong Islamic Association, a Foreign Halal Certification Body Recognized by JAKIM

Introducing the first tabletop smart water dispenser of its kind in Malaysia, the Watero water filter.

Released in 2018 with the latest technology, Watero is small, portable, and easy to use – your perfect answer to all the troublesome and space-eating jugs, water bottles, and kettles.

Take a look at this video to see the features of Watero!

How to choose the best indoor water filter for my home


Small home


Small ones


Small office

Watero is the best water filter solution for families in small homes or small offices in Malaysia.

  • 5 water temperature settings to make your favourite drinks
    • 25°C – best for room temperature drinking water
    • 45°C – best for your baby’s formula milk
    • 60°C – best for your nutrient-filled honey drink
    • 85°C – best for bringing the maximum aroma for your cup of tea
    • 100°C – best for your daily dose of coffee

      *Watero water filter uses instant heating functionality, so the heating mechanism may need up to 15 minutes to cool down when switching from 100°C to 45°C immediately. To counter this, you can simply dispense 25°C water for a few seconds to fasten the cooling process of the heating mechanism and get 45°C water quickly. No waiting is required for other temperature changes.

  • Zero installation, just plug it in and switch it on to enjoy quality water filtration system
  • Clean and healthy water with active monitoring of incoming and output water supply TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

    *Malaysian MOH (Ministry of Health) standard of safe drinking water is less than 50 TDS, Watero water filter guarantees constant TDS of less than that set by the MOH.

    Night time baby feeding made easy with the right amount of water at the right temperature for baby formula milk in one button press

  • Compact design and ultra-portable, easy to move around offices and meeting rooms
  • No need to stress yourself out with filter changing and maintenance schedule with a built-in filter lifespan reminder
  • 3 colours – Red, Blue, Black
  • Small machine, big functions – smart, easy, simple

If you’re looking for a total solution for your drinking water, the Watero all-in-one water filter can make your life simpler with its latest water filtration and dispenser features like 5 water temperature settings, 5 water volume settings, child lock, mummy button, water quality monitor, and water filter lifespan and maintenance indicator.

However, If you prefer a kitchen water filter that is fitted onto your sink to be dispensed through your tap water, you can also take a look at the BS series water filter with premium purification elements.

Just fit it onto your sink and connect it to your kitchen tap to get quality drinkable filtered pipe water without boiling.

Or, if you prefer to have filtered water for the taps in your entire house, you could opt for an outdoor water filter.

Developed primarily for household and light industrial applications to address water impurity problems at the point-of-entry of municipal treated water supply, the ER-series Outdoor Water Filters are designed to deliver clean, clear water to every water outlet in the premises.

Update: We now have our latest series of outdoor filters – the ALL-NEW fully automated Luna and Evo filters, too!

Make sure you check out these life-changing technologies here.

If you are looking for premium selections of water filters for your optimal health, you might want to check out water filters with an advanced ionized system , capable of supplying you with water at different pH levels for different health purposes.

The BA-series HealthSpring water filters provide an all-in-one solution with filtration, hot water supply, pH level adjustment, and reverse cleaning design.

How does the Watero water filter work?

There are two versions of Watero water filters:

Ultra-Filtration: Watero UF
Watero UF Ultra Filtraion All-in-One Indoor Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis: Watero RO
Watero RO Reverse Osmosis All-in-One Water Filter

How does the Watero UF water filter work?

Features of Watero UF All-in-One Smart Water Filter

How does the Watero RO water filter work?

Watero RO Reverse Osmosis Filtration Layers

Watero uses a 5 stage Filtration Process – every drop of water passes through 5 different layers of filtration to give you the cleanest water for your health.

  1. Polypropylene Filter
    Filters impurities and sediments larger than 5μm such as sand, rust, and other large particles
  2. Pre-activated Carbon Filter
    Effectively absorbs chlorine, odour and foul smell, bacteria and heavy metals
  3. Ultra Filtration or Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter
    Filters heavy metals, bacteria, antibiotics, hardness, and pesticides
    Watch how Bacfree’s RO (Reverse Osmosis) system works to give you clean, drinkable water here!

  4. Post-activated Carbon Filter
    Adjusts the taste of water, absorbs odour and foul smell, removes colour and foul taste
  5. UV (Ultraviolet) Disinfection
    Removes 99.99% of harmful waterborne microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and parasites.
    See how Bacfree’s UV disinfection system zaps microbes and destroys them at the molecular level!

Product Specifications


Watero specifications

Dimensions 270mm x 340mm x 352mm
Opening pressure 0.4 – 0.9MpA
Applicable water source Municipal water
Tank capacity 5L
Voltage 240V, 50Hz

Warranty details

  • 24



    Manufacturer’s Defect

Watero water filter comes with a comprehensive warranty plan for your peace of mind. For as long as 24 months or 2 years, Watero comes with a warranty for any manufacturer’s defect.

Watero Water Filter Reviews

Total Reviews: 44

Poh L. (Lazada)

May 2019

The packaging is very good, so product received in good condition. take about 1 hour to set up this Watero including let the filter running for 2 times. overall satisfy and really save a lot place for my kitchen.

Lum (Lazada)

April 2019

Easy to setup and operate. Need to cycle a few times to get rid of the initial plastic smell of the water container. Filtered water does taste different now. ?

Lily Yap (Facebook)

March 2019

User friendly water dispenser for my whole family.
Children & mom love it so much

Chia Boon Kwee (Facebook)

February 2019

Good value for money.

Wong Shwn Fen (Facebook)

January 2019

Good quality product and prompt service

Nurul Nabihah Samsudin

January 2019

Kecil, comel, mudah.
Kecil sesuai untuk semua ruang
Comel yang menawan
Mudah untuk di gunakan juga mudah di kendalikan dan mudah di bawa ke mana-mana.

Sarah Liew (Facebook)

January 2019

Watero 干净清洁之水 让我与家人喝的安❤ 健康。

Wan Sing Teoh

January 2019

Watero, your choice of house water filter. Highly recommended

Kai Jie Tan (Facebook)

January 2019

Perfect filtration, perfect temperature, smart exclusive design
Recommended for all

Wayne Tan

January 2019

半夜起来泡奶不再是麻烦 爸爸也能做好 一个宝妈键 马上拿到45度水 非常方便
温水热水 25度 到100度 随时调整 即热即饮

Adrian Lim

January 2019

After using Bacfree, I can help make my cup of coffee within 4 second and make my life easier when in rush hour. Thanks Bacfree.

Janssen Lim

January 2019

The most convenient instant heating dispenser I have ever met.
Easy to use, suitable for family.
Strongly recommended for small office and family to use

Karen Yeoh (Facebook)

January 2019

Just bought Watero and it's so convenience for my family especially the kids.

Xiu Ling Ooi (Facebook)

January 2019

My mum love it so much! She enjoy make a cup coffee to us every morning

Alex Leong

January 2019

The simple life you need to have in a complicated city ~ Bacfree Watero bring you a simple way to enjoy coffee and tea anytime.

YP Low (Facebook)

January 2019

Small, stylish and didn’t take up much space. I like it as it’s very convenient with its water level button, temperature super easy to select and control. Water change indicator also makes it very simple for me to enjoy good clean water, any temperature, any quantity, anytime!
Recommended! (Which I rarely do :))

Is Kwan (Facebook)

January 2019

Bought Watero few months back and no regrets! The service from Mr. Chua was excellent as he was really patient in taking the time to explain and demonstrate the unit to us. Highly recommended brand!

ChuiYee Thong (Facebook)

January 2019

Good products and after sale services. Loving the Watero water filter that I bought 2 weeks ago which comes with various temperature and volume settings. Compact design and provides real
time water quality monitoring before and after filtration.

Albert Ting (Facebook)

January 2019

Watero makes my home look more elegant! So easy to make coffee or milk for my wife and baby now.

Harmizan Mansor (Facebook)

January 2019

One of my best investments ever- Watero from Bacfree. Sleek and compact, fill-up and ready to use with just few clicks for filtered water??. Making my son's formula milk today is so much faster and easier with a click of a button! Highly recommended to all and my mom bought 1 too.

Sally Liew (Facebook)

January 2019

Very happy to have this Watero

Lee Chee Keong (Facebook)

January 2019

Fast and convenient, hot and clean water, saves time in the morning making my coffee and milk

Helen Py Kong (Facebook)

January 2019

Good water filter experience. Clean and Convenient. Highly recommended.

Lim Ker Harn (Facebook)

January 2019

No more reboiling, hassle-free installation. I like the temperature settings as I can get the perfect water for my favorite drink just in one touch.

Keff Yong

January 2019

Instant heating dispenser with 5 temperature selections and 5 volume setting.
Just touch a button and you can make your half-boiled egg easily.
Price is much cheaper and reasonable than other brands.
Strongly recommend for those lazy people who always want to seek for convenience and lazy to boil water.

Loo S. (Lazada)

January 2019

Good product quality, compact size and ease to use. Very convenience to make coffee and tea with user friendly touch buttons. Trusted seller as well!

LEONG K. (Lazada)

January 2019

Watero, a very convenience product to let me enjoy my coffee with a single button. And it look nice for my kitchen. 😉 😉

Lee Kok Min (Facebook)

January 2019

Modern design, easy to install and convenient to use. Recommended for small family.

Lee H. (Lazada)

January 2019

It's convenient to use for my family member and my new added family member - my baby son...that instant 45 & 100 celsius water is awesome, I can instantly prepare milk for my baby son...

Zhi Le (Facebook)

January 2019

So a few weeks ago, I bought Watero and I was really afraid of trying it when I first started. I was afraid that the water would have a weird taste but it turned out to be pleasant. It's very
convenient to use because of its features such as being able to adjust the temperature and volume of the water to your liking. Overall, I had a really good and seamless experience with Watero!

Lim E. (Lazada)

January 2019


Awesome product is beyond way expectation. Much cheaper compare to those in the market with similar function. Best of all no installation require place in my first floor family room. No more crawling down stairs kitchen to get water middle of the night!!

Timothy Chong (Facebook)

January 2019

I bought this several months ago and now the whole family is addicted to it. It dispenses RO water in 5 preset temperatures (25, 45, 60, 85 and 100 degrees) and 4 preset volumes (90, 120,
150 and 250 ml). Making tea, coffee or a hot cup of purified water is a breeze. Or even getting baby’s milk ready.

Pui J. (Lazada)

January 2019

This water dispenser is so awesome. It simplifies my busy life. It comes with built in filters and UV, and even tell me the water quality that I’m drinking. It costs less than half the price vs the Korea water dispenser that I nearly bought. Highly recommended

Siakking Eng (Facebook)

December 2018

Very convenient for me every morning to make an cup of coffee. No more boiling water moment in the morning. Save my time.

Choon Hock (Facebook)

December 2018

Easy to use. Highly recommended.

Christine Cham (Facebook)

December 2018

Convenience at the touch of a button for their Watero water filter, getting cold or hot water of your choice. No need for any pipe installation. It is portable!

Soon See Leak (Facebook)

December 2018

This is a really very convenient to use water filter. The most awesome feature to me is that I no longer need to boil water to make my coffee. I get instant hot or warm water at the touch of a
button. So convenient to use!!!

Loquterz Borg (Facebook)

December 2018

Good service, prompt delivery, easy to use and good looking water dispenser!

Margaret Raja (Facebook)

December 2018

Best Christmas present ever! This Watero Bacfree filter is compact and easy to use. No more reboiling or buying water bottles for drinking. Doesn't take a genius to install. Cheers!

Man Hou (Facebook)

December 2018

That instant 45 & 100 celsius water is convenient for me to prepare milk for my baby…

Keith Tan (Facebook)

December 2018

It's convenient and so easy to use! Anyone who wants clean water at various temperature will find this the best ever investment. Bought 1 and quickly got another 1 b4 offer period is up

WooiFoon Y. (Lazada)

December 2018

Great product with fast delivery.
Goods received within a week time.
Really convenient to use, just one touch then can get the ideal temperature at my desired volume.
Strongly recommend for family, working adults or even students

Ah Thong (Facebook)

November 2018

Watero, never try, never know. Elegance design, nice salesperson, prompt delivery, reasonable price

Miling Ng (Facebook)

November 2018

super easy to use and portable. can be place anywhere and everywhere.

Water filter maintenance: How to clean and change my water filter

Watero water filter uses 4 layers of cartridge filtration system and 1 layer of UV Disinfection. While the UV disinfection system requires no maintenance, the filter cartridges require only simple replacements at intervals of 9 months (for cartridges 1 & 2) and 18 months (for cartridges 3 & 4).

Compared to other water filters and dispensers in the industry, Watero is easy to clean and maintain.

All you need to do is:

  • Purchase all 4 filter cartridges from our eShop or any Bacfree showroom near you
  • Remove the filter cartridges from Watero water filter to be changed

    *Filter cartridges 1 & 2 need to be changed at 9 month intervals, filter cartridges 3 & 4 need to be changed at 18 month intervals

  • Replace the filter cartridges with the new filter cartridges at their respective slots
  • Flush the water filter system by filling up the water tank twice in Watero with the drainage tube at the back opened.

    *Flushing should also be done for newly received Watero product

To help you understand better, we prepared a step-by-step video for you to see how Watero maintenance and startup works!

Water filter comparisons and prices in Malaysia

Which water filter do you need? What are the differences between the different types of water filters?
How much does a water filter cost?
Here’s a comparison guide of the different types of water filters in Malaysia for you.

Water Filter

Watero Smart Water Dispenser

BS-Series Indoor Tap Water Filter

ER-Series Outdoor Water Filter

HealthSpring Advanced Water Ionizer System

Placement Type Portable water filter and water dispenser Indoor water filter for water tap Outdoor water filter at water meter Indoor water filter and ionizer for water tap
Filter Type 4 layers polypropylene, carbon (x2), UF or RO membrane filter
+ 1 layer UV disinfection
Ceramic & carbon filtration with silver ion & mineral stones 6 layers multi-medium quartz filtration with carbon, anthracite, fine quartz sand, coarse quartz sand, quartz crystal, and special stone Hollow fiber filter membrane with unique ions
Water Dispenser Temperature 5 temperature control Room temperature Room temperature Room temperature and hot water (selected models)
Water pH Standard pH Alkaline water up to pH 8.5 (selected models) Standard pH Widest pH range of 2.7 to 10.5
Maintenance Replace filter cartridge every 9 months (Cartridge 1 & 2) and every 18 months (Cartridge 3 & 4) Clean filter element every week, replace filter element every 12 months Backwash every week, replace carbon filter every 5 years Replace hollow fiber filter every 12,000L of water flow
Special Features
  • Zero installation
  • Water quality monitor
  • Child safety lock
  • Mummy button
  • Instant hot water
  • Filter lifespan indicator
  • Compact design
  • Sink top mounting, portable, or under sink mounting
  • No electricity supply needed
  • Backwash & rinsing system
  • No cartridge replacement & maintenance Cost
  • No pressure loss
  • Widest pH range of 2.7 to 10.5
  • High negative ORP powerful antioxidant
  • Advanced platinum technology
  • Rich in calcium, magnesium & ionized minerals
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Microcluster easier for body to absorb
  • Energy saving
Made in OEM China England, Switzerland England Japan
Technology USA British British Japan
Price Check Price Now Check Price Now Check Price Now Check Price Now

Frequently asked questions about Watero water filter

Q: Does Watero need installation, hacking or drilling?

Watero does not need any installation or hacking. It is designed to be a compact and easy-to-carry smart water dispenser that can be placed anywhere, as long as there is an electrical socket to connect the Watero

Q: Can Watero dispense cold water?

Watero does not dispense cold water. However, Watero has the ability to dispense 5 different water temperatures: 25°C, 45°C, 60°C, 80°C and 100°C; as well as 5 different water volume settings: 90ml, 120ml, 150ml, 250ml and continuous flow to cater to your favorite drinks.

Q: What drinks can I make with Watero?

The 5 different temperature control can create the right cluster to infused with your favorite drinks. This helps to bring out the best of the drinks that you make.

  • Drinking Water, 25 °C
  • Baby’s Formula Milk, 45 °C
  • Honey, 60 °C
  • Tea, 80 °C
  • Coffee, 100 °C
Q: What is the filtration system used by Watero?

Watero uses reverse osmosis as its main filtration system. Reverse osmosis has been in the water filtration business since 1991 and has been consistently found to be one of the best ways
to achieve superior water quality for consumption.

Reverse osmosis also helps to remove pollutants from water, including nitrates, pesticides, sulfates, fluoride, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, arsenic and many others.

The reverse osmosis process is a simple and straightforward water filtration process. It is accomplished by water pressure pushing tap water through a semipermeable membrane to remove impurities from water. This is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids, salts that are removed from water.

Beside reverse osmosis, Watero also has a polypropylene filter to remove large particles like sand and rust, a pre activated carbon filter to absorb chlorine, chloramine, odour, organic matter, particulates and heavy metals, a post activated carbon filter to adjust the taste of water, absorb odours, remove colour and foul taste, and a UV disinfection system to remove 99.99% of harmful waterborne microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Q: What happens to the contaminants that don’t pass through the membrane?

When the water pressure pushes the water through the RO membrane and additional filters, the impurities are filtered out and absorbed by the filter membranes, which is why it is recommended to replace the filter cartridges according to schedule to ensure the highest quality of drinking water at all times.

The maintenance and replacement schedule for Water water filters is:

Filter cartridges 1 and 2: replace every 9 months
Filter cartridges 3 and 4: replace every 18 months
UV disinfection system requires no replacements.

Q: What is the capacity of Watero water filter?

Watero has 5 litres of water capacity in total. There is a 3 litre external storage tank, which you use to refill the water, and a 2 litre internal storage tank in the Watero.

Q: Is Watero an auto-fill water filter?

Since Watero doesn’t require any installation or connection to water taps and pipes, it doesn’t fill up with water by itself.

Watero water filter has a 5 litre capacity to store water for your daily usage, and you can refill the water anytime when the volume is low.

Q: What is the electrical usage and power of Watero?

The power consumption of Water is 1900 WATT and the power intake of Watero is 240 V.

The estimated electric bill used by Watero may cost about RM8 to RM10 a month with an average usage of 30 minutes per day.

Q: How often do we need to replace the filters for maintenance?

Watero has a 5-stage filtration system, with 4 water filter cartridges and 1 UV disinfection system.

Filter 1 (T1): Polypropylene filter – Filters impurities larger than 5 microns and removes sediment like sand, rush and other large particles.

Filter 2 (T2): Pre – activated carbon – Helps to absorb odors, chlorine, organic matter, and other impurities.

Filter 3 (T3): RO (reverse osmosis) Membrane – Filters impurities up to 0.0001 microns, which removes harmful substances, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and others.

Filter 4 (T4): Post – activated carbon – Helps to further absorb and removes odors by improving the water taste.

UV Disinfection System – Removes 99.99% of harmful waterborne microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

The lifespan of filter cartridges T1 and T2 are about 6 to 9 months, while T3 and T4 filter cartridges have a lifespan of about 12 to 18 months.

After every replacement of filters, do remember to flush the water filter system by filling up the water tank twice in Watero with the drainage tube at the back opened.

Flushing should also be done for newly received Watero product

Q: Where is Watero water filter made?

Watero is made in OEM China, with technology from the USA.

In addition, Watero is also certified Halal, along with water quality certifications from Water Quality Certification and NSF International.

Q: When do I need to do a “Backwash” or flushing/rinsing for Watero?

It is recommended to do a backwash during the first operation usage of the Watero system to flush out any particles from the new filter cartridges.

To perform a backwash, flush the water filter system by filling up the water tank twice in Watero with the drainage tube at the back opened.

Similarly, Watero water filters also need a backwash every time the filter cartridges are replaced.

Q: Why does the water from Watero taste different?

It is normal for new users of Watero to feel that the water dispensed tastes different, because we need time getting used to water that is filtered via a reverse osmosis (RO) process.

When you start drinking RO water for the first time, you may find the taste of the water slightly flat and bland compared to mineral water or normal drinking water. This is because almost all impurities and sediments have been removed from the water during the RO filtration process.

So don’t worry if you find the water tasting different or weird during the first few days!

Best water filter near me

You can simply buy Watero water filter or any other Bacfree water filters online through our Bacfree eShop or your favourite marketplaces (Lazada, Shopee ), and your favourite water filter will be delivered to your doorstep – no hassle!

Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Bacfree showroom in any of our Malaysian branches in Selangor, Penang, Melaka or Johor Bahru to take a look at your favorite water filters and bring them home.

Central Region

Bacfree Headquarters SS13, Subang Jaya

Main office and showroom for your best water filter solution located at SS13/3F Subang Jaya Industrial Estate, Selangor.


  • Water filters for home
  • Water filters for commercial buildings
  • Horeca water filter system for hotels, cafe and restaurants
  • Water filter and water treatment system for project developments and industrial buildings
  • Rainwater harvesting system for home and commercial buildings
  • Glass bottles with filtered water for hotels, cafe and restaurants
  • Bacfree water filters repair and maintenance services

Bacfree Showroom SS19, Subang Jaya

Cutting edge and modern showroom with experience center to help your search for the best water filter for your home.

Located at 2, Jalan SS19/6, SS19, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Bacfree showroom serves households and customers in Klang Valley.


  • Water filters for home
  • Water filter and water treatment system for project developments and industrial buildings
  • Rainwater harvesting system for home and commercial buildings
  • Bacfree water filters repair and maintenance services

Northern Region

Bacfree Penang Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Showroom and office based at Terrace Plus @ The One Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, serving customers around the area of Bayan Baru, Bayan Lepas, Sungai Dua, Balik Pulau, and the whole Penang Island in general, providing water solutions for everyone.


  • Water filters for home
  • Water filters for commercial buildings
  • Horeca water filter system for hotels, cafe and restaurants
  • Water filter and water treatment system for project developments and industrial buildings
  • Rainwater harvesting system for home and commercial buildings
  • Glass bottles with filtered water for hotels, cafe and restaurants
  • Bacfree water filters repair and maintenance services

Southern Region

Bacfree Melaka Jalan KPKS1, Melaka

The newest addition to Bacfree’s exposure throughout the Southern region in Malaysia, with an office and showroom located at 24, Jalan KPKS1, Melaka serving customers around Klebang, Bandar Melaka, Sungai Udang, Alor Gajah and surrounding areas in Melaka.


  • Water filters for home
  • Water filters for commercial buildings
  • Horeca water filter system for hotels, cafe and restaurants
  • Water filter and water treatment system for project developments and industrial buildings
  • Rainwater harvesting system for home and commercial buildings
  • Glass bottles with filtered water for hotels, cafe and restaurants
  • Bacfree water filters repair and maintenance services

Bacfree JB Taman Perling, Johor Bahru

One-stop solution station for Southern region customers, including Singapore. Newly renovated in 2019 to serve customers around the Johor Bahru area like Taman Perling, Bukit Indah, Nusajaya, Gelang Patah, and Skudai.


  • Water filters for home
  • Water filters for commercial buildings
  • Horeca water filter system for hotels, cafe and restaurants
  • Water filter and water treatment system for project developments and industrial buildings
  • Rainwater harvesting system for home and commercial buildings
  • Glass bottles with filtered water for hotels, cafe and restaurants
  • Bacfree water filters repair and maintenance services

Click here to contact the Bacfree showroom nearest to you!

Bacfree Water Filter System in Malaysia
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