Bacfree Water Treatment Solutions

We take the worry out of your water

Bacfree provides cost-efficient turnkey solutions for treatment, recovery and recycling of water. Bacfree covers all your needs – from evaluation, design, delivery, to on-going support. Our sustainable solutions have been proven effective in industrial, commercial and municipal applications for over 35 years.

Raw Water Treatment Solutions

Solutions for sustainable water usage

Our high-recovery systems treat water from natural sources to ensure a sustainable supply of high quality potable water and industrial process water for your needs.

Process Water
Treatment Solutions

Solutions for drinking and process water

Bacfree provides reliable high-volume water treatment solutions that deliver safe drinking water to municipalities or commercial operations, and high-quality process water to industries.

Treatment Solutions

Making water safe for
communities and industries

For over a decade, Bacfree has been delivering turnkey wastewater treatment solutions for municipal, commercial, and industrial applications, applying a wide range of treatment processes that suits every need.

Water Reuse And
Recycling Solutions

Ensuring sustainable
and reliable water sources

Bacfree’s tertiary water solutions effectively treat wastewater to purity levels that allow it to be reused in a diverse range of applications, from irrigation, to process water, to drinking water.

Bacfree reuse-and-recycle solutions help to:

  • Preserve freshwater resources
  • Reduce the need for new water resources
  • Reduce disposal and energy costs
  • Reduce long-term water supply costs
  • Minimise the environmental impact of wastewater
  • Improve the sustainability of the local community
    and economy

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  • Scaling And Corrosion Control

    Bacfree has been addressing the problem for over a decade and our advanced processes have helped clients ensure uninterrupted productivity, protect assets, and mitigate risks reliably.

  • Mobile Water Treatment

    Bacfree’s self-contained mobile systems make hauling water to offsite treatment plants obsolete. Our highly flexible configurations effectively treat high volumes of water on-site.

  • Agricultural
    Water Reclamation

    Bacfree solutions enable effective water resource management while optimising water usage by reclaiming, recycling and treating water for a wide range of agricultural applications.

  • Manufacturing
    Wastewater Solutions

    Reliable water purity from Bacfree solutions helps ensure minimal downtime for manufacturers, while mitigating risks and protecting their investments.

  • Water Sterilisation

    Bacfree’s proven UV technology provides chemical-free water disinfection that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It destroys microbes at the genetic level without having any harmful by-products.

  • Medical Wastewater Treatment

    Bacfree eco-friendly and chemical-free systems meet or exceed the high standards demanded by healthcare facilities. Be assured of a reliable supply of clean water that mitigates risk while protecting valuable assets.

Robust Water Management Solutions

To protect assets and mitigate risks, you need reliable clean water solutions.

Raw Water And
Process Water
Wastewater Reuse And
Recycle Water
Reverse osmosis
Coagulation and flocculation
Multimedia filtration
Activated carbon filtration
Biological treatment
Arsenic removal
Contaminants removal
UV disinfection
Decentralised treatment
Membrane aerated biofilm
reactors (MABR)
Physico-chemical treatment
Aerobic biological treatment
Nutrient removal
Anaerobic biological
Wastewater reuse
Dissolved air flotation
Aeration and mixing solutions
Nitrification and
Sludge treatment
Reverse osmosis
Coagulation and flocculation
Multimedia filtration
Activated carbon filtration
Biological treatment
Contaminants removal
Nutrient removal
Sludge treatment
UV disinfection

Bacfree Water Solutions offer a wide variety of water treatment solutions.

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Project reference

  • Sunway Clio Hotel

  • Chicken Farm Seremban

  • Emerald Sunway Iskandar

  • Kato Manufacturing

  • Kawan Food Factory

  • Melawati Mall


Bacfree Water Filter System in Malaysia
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