Exchange and refund policy

If customers are dissatisfied with their purchase, they may return their regular priced products to Bacteria
Free Water Filters (M) Sdn Bhd (Bacfree) within 10 working days from the invoice date. All product
exchanges / refunds are subject to terms and conditions.

Bacfree will not be responsible for any damage arising from any usage of the product that does not
comply with the product instruction manual.

For goods returned by post / mail, Bacfree will not be responsible for loss of packages due to carrier’s

Product returns may be denied if, after Bacfree receives the product, it is determined that the fault or
damage had been caused by the end-user.

The terms and conditions for valid exchanges and refunds are as below:

  1. A request for exchange / return of product must be made to Bacfree within 10 working days from the date of invoice. The product must be returned to Bacfree within 10 working days of the date the request is made.
  2. All exchanges / returns of products must be accompanied by original receipts / invoices and original
    product packaging.
  3. The shipping cost of returns / exchanges shall be borne by customers.
  4. Returned products must be in good physical condition (not broken or damaged).
  5. All accessories included with the original purchase must be included and in good physical condition.
  6. For orders through website: should a customer receive an incorrect product, Bacfree will exchange it
    for the correct item at Bacfree’s own expense.
  7. Customers are advised that only ONE exchange is permitted for each product.
  8. If the item that the customer wishes to exchange is out of stock, the customer may choose to
    exchange it for any other product, subject to stock availability.
    If the new item exceeds the value of
    the return item, the customer shall bear the balance of the cost. If the value of the new item is lower
    than the price of the returned item, there shall be no refund of the difference.

Exchange and / or refund is not available for:

  1. Bacfree premium filter elements, cartridges, filter media and all other products listed as consumables.
  2. Any product not manufactured by or for Bacfree.
  3. Products that are damaged due to:
    1. (a)Act of God (for example, lightning strikes);
    2. (b)Negligence;
    3. (c)Commercial use (for home filters);
    4. (d)Modification to any parts of the product;
    5. (e)Use of non-Bacfree accessories or consumables;
    6. (f)Improper voltage or power supply;
    7. (g)Operating the product outside the permitted or intended uses described by Bacfree;
    8. (h)Service performed by anyone who is not a representative of Bacfree.

If, in the sole opinion of Bacfree, the product that the customer has returned is not faulty or damaged and correctly corresponds to the description displayed on our website, or if it has not been returned in accordance with Bacfree’s return policy, the customer will not be entitled to an exchange. We will then return the product to the customer at the customer’s own cost and expense.

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