When you need to be sure that your water is clean enough

  • Proven Quality

    Over 1500units installed

    Over2 millionpeople served

  • Assurance

    5 yearwarranty on water quality

    SUS304food gradestainless steel

  • Robust System

    Exceedsnational waterquality standards

    High flow rate of up to300,000litres / hour / filter

  • Easy Maintenance

    No costlycartridge to change

    Regular watertesting

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Most water quality problems cannot be detected with human senses

The IC Series Centralised Filtration System takes care of the problems you can’t see,so you can enjoy safe, clean water every time without any concern or doubt.

  • Turbidity

    Removes rust,sediment, silt, andother suspended solids

  • Colour, Taste And Smell

    Removes tannin,chlorine andby-products

  • Organic Chemicals

    Removes herbicides,pesticides, fertilisers,industrial dischargeand domestic waste

Need a reliable source of clean water?We’ll make it possible wherever you are.

Install your IC Series Centralised Filtration System anywhere you need it. We have acustom-designed and pre-engineered solution for any requirement you may have.

  • Hotels And Resorts
  • Residental Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Schools And Universities
  • Shopping Malls

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Project reference

  • INTI International University

  • LEGOLAND Malaysia

  • New Gleneagles Hospital KL

  • Pavilion Mall

  • PETRONAS Twin Towers

  • The Glades Putra Heights

The reliable guardian of your water quality

At the heart of every IC Series System is a proprietary high-performance 6-layerfiltration media that works quietly to ensure you get safe, clean water always.



SUS304 stainless steel casing

Corrosion-resistant and hard-wearing body


Activated carbon

The most effective material to remove odour,sediment and organic matter



Removes rust and other sediment as fine as 5 microns


Fine quartz sand

Removes sediment as fine as 5 microns


Medium and coarse quartz sand

Filtration support bed ensures effective backwash


Special stone

Protects the filter drain


Stainless steel CEL valve

Durable, high-performance and user-friendlyBritish patented technology

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Peek inside IC’s System



Check valve

Allows water to flow in only one direction


Pressure gauge

Measures and displays pressure in a unit bar and pound per square inch


Air release valve

Releases air that collects at each high point of the filter vessel


Butterfly control valve

Controls water flow for filtration, backwash and rinsing processes


Motorised actuator valve

Electrical actuated valve with electric motor to open and close the valve


Control panel

System programming module with built-in PLC and integrated circuit


Sampling tap point

For collecting water samples for water testing


Service manhole

Covered opening for filter servicing

Durable. Reliable. Scalable.

The IC Series System is custom-engineered to fit your requirements now and thesame system readily expands to meet your future needs, whenever you want it to be.

Simple Filter Manual System

  • IC Simplex IC70-1M
  • IC Simplex IC110-1M
  • Flow rate of up to 170,000 litres / hour
  • Sized from 40cm (5.5”) to 300cm (118”) in diameter
  • Food grade internal epoxy coating

Duplex Filter Auto System

  • IC Duplex IC70-2A
  • IC Duplex IC110-2A
  • Double filter for even cleaner water
  • Flow rate of up to 300,000 litres / hour
  • Sized from 40cm (5.5”) to 300cm (118”) in diameter
  • Water is always available even during maintenance, servicing or breakdown of 1 filter unit
  • Food grade internal epoxy coating
  • More effective backwash with increased water flow rate and pressure


Bacfree Water Filter System in Malaysia
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