Did you know?

• Plastic PET water bottles release 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.
• 38 billion water bottles end up in landfills each year, in the United States only. That’s more than 2 million tons!
• Most plastic PET water bottles are manufactured in places with limited water suppliers like California. Plastic water bottling even created a water shortage in Pakistan!
• Plastic waste ends up in the ocean and kills 1.1 million marine creatures every year.
• Plastic PET water bottles contain chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) and antimony that can cause reproductive issues, dizziness, asthma, or even cancer.

Carbon footprint of pet plastic bottles
Is recycling really ideal?

Reusable Glass Bottles can…

• Lower the amount of waste in landfills
• Reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals
• Protect animals and their natural habitat
• Be fully recycled
• Save you thousands of RM
• Fulfil your company’s corporate social responsibilities (CSR)

Carbon footprint of glass bottles

Glass Bottles vs. Plastic PET Bottles

Plastic PET Bottles Comparison Glass Bottles
Oil, natural gas, chemicals for processing Materials Liquefied sand, soda ash, limestone, recycled glass
BPA & other chemicals with estrogenic activity Harmful chemicals None
Combusted for energy or sent to a landfill, decomposes only after 500 years Where they end up 100% recyclable into new bottles
Not reusable, thrown away after each use Reusability & Durability Reusable for at least 1 year of usage
100 plastic bottles x 431g of CO2e = 43,100g CO2e Carbon Footprint (100 usages) 1 glass bottle reused 100 times x 562.5g of CO2e = 562g CO2e

Recyclability of Glass Bottles vs Plastic PET Bottles

  • 100% of glass bottles can be recycled, while the percentage of recyclable material in plastic PET bottles decreases after each recycle
  • By the 3rd time of recycling, the plastic material in PET bottles can no longer be recycled and turn into indecomposable plastic waste

Bacfree Eco Bottling – Business Suite

Why use Plastic PET Bottles, when you can get your WHOLE hotel to use 100% Recyclable Glass Bottles?

Bacfree Eco Bottling Business Suite

You could have this automated process happening at your hotel every day:

  1. Used glass bottles are collected from the rooms and the bottle caps are removed.
  2. An automated sensor checks if the bottles are damaged or have any tough stains on the surface.
  3. The external surface of the bottles is washed with ozone water generated by an ozone generator, which helps in cleaning and disinfection.
  4. The glass bottles go through a 3-in-1 process in a mono-block:
    1. Internal washing with high-pressure, filtered and treated ozone water, optimized for cleaning and disinfection.
    2. Glass bottles are filled up with drinking water that is filtered and treated through a strainer, multi-media filtration, polypropylene filter, carbon filter, UV disinfection, reverse osmosis, and ozone disinfection.
    3. Glass bottles are capped with UV-disinfected disposable (and recyclable) bottle caps with safety seals
  5. All the glass bottles, filled with drinking water and capped with safety seals, go through a lamp checker for a final round of safety check to ensure water and bottle quality.
  6. Bottle tags with customizable taglines and information are put on the bottle necks. Glass bottles are distributed to all the hotel rooms.
  7. And, to top it all off, the whole system has live monitoring and alarm systems so that we can ensure the safety and quality of the water for all!

Here’s a peek at how the 3-in-1 cleaning, filling, and capping process looks like!

What your glass bottles would look like

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Looking for something in a smaller scale? Restaurants, cafes, event spaces?

Smart Suite

Here’s how it goes:

  1. We’ll supply you with borosilicate bottles that look like these:
    Glass bottle for restaurants and cafes
  2. With our multi-media filtration system and Horeca, a direct-drinking filtration system designed specially for restaurants and cafes, you can get direct-drinking water in cold or room temperature from the water dispenser that we will also supply you with.
  3. Sounds easy? Because it is! Moreover, you can also add lemon or lime slices into the water to infused them with vitamin C and subtle flavouring, further enriching your beverage menu!
  4. And when that is all done, clean the bottles in the bottle washer that comes with the package, and repeat the process!
Benefits of glass bottles

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If Not Now, When?

Plastics in our environment

“A million plastic bottles a minute: world’s plastic binge ‘as dangerous as climate change” – The Guardian
“Plastic: WHO launches a health review” – BBC News
“Plastic water bottles causing flood of harm to our environment” – Huffpost
“Is it safe to drink from plastic bottles?” – U.S. News
“Hong Kong throws away 5.2 million bottles every day – is it time to ban sale of plastic disposables?” – South China Morning Post
“Assembly President launches new initiatives to purge plastics and purify oceans” – UN News
“Plastic and how it affects our oceans” – ABC News
“The stark truth about how long your plastic footprint will last on the planet” – The Telegraph

  • 81% of people say glass containers look the most appealing on the shelf
  • 76% of people say food and beverage products packaged in glass are higher quality
  • 1 in 3 people would buy more of their favourite foods and drinks in glass, if they were available
  • Glass is 100% recyclable, endlessly. It can be made into new bottles again and again without any loss in quality
  • For an average bottle, glass can have a lower carbon footprint than aluminium or PET plastic. That’s because only 4-6% of a package’s carbon footprint comes from transportation, and glass typically offsets that by using more recycled content.

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Bacfree Water Filter System in Malaysia
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